Atlantic Balloon Fiesta

September 8, 9, 10, 2017

Interested in a flight?  


This is what you need to do:


On site, go to the information booth located on the grounds by the launch field. It is open 6AM- 9PM.  You place your name, weight ( individual passengers cannot exceed 320 lbs) , contact number and specify if you would like to fly individually or as a group.  

Note: It is not a guarantee that you will fly together. 


After you sign up be sure to have a look at the Passenger Guide


Things you will need to know:

- Arrive to the field a minimum of 1hr prior to flight.

- Flight times are 6:30AM and 5:30PM

- Wait patiently outside of the launch field for your name to be called.  There is no specific order. 

- When you come on to the field, you pay for your flight (CASH ONLY) and sign the waiver.  

- A committee member will take you to a plaque on the field with your pilots name, and you could potentially wait an hour as the pilots have a briefing while we call you onto the field and when they are through and the field is safe to fly, they will proceed to meet you. 

- Each balloon has a weight limit and passenger capacity, and we work our best to ensure everyone gets a chance to share the flight experience.  

- Pilots may refuse to fly passengers depending on a persons health, weight and height.  

- All flying passengers MUST be wearing closed toed shoes, preferably sneakers.  

- There is NO smoking on the launch field.  All balloons are fueled with propane.  

- If you do not get to fly during the flight you are signed up for, your name does not get carried over. You can put your name on the next flight or any other flight if the flight is not already full.

- All flights are weather permitted.  The wind on the ground is not the same wind that may be at 3000ft.  

- Money is refunded if the flight is cancelled.

- Please be sure restroom visits have been made prior to going on the launch field.  Once on the field there will be no restrooms until your flight is complete and you have been returned to the launch field.  



Be Safe   Be Kind   HAVE FUN!